Blissful Ukraine Tour with Chernobyl

Ukraine is a youthful and emerging country, where people love their country’s art and ancient history. This eastern-European country is full of heavenly landscapes, fairy-world castles and tempting food which surely drive you crazy. Here you will find the way to ultimate lover’s destination and can plan your Ukraine tour. It’s a place for “A traveller’s wander reach “or let’s say a wholesome place for happiness.

Saint Sophia’s Cathedral is the one of the famous and very fine examples of architecture and comes under Best of Ukraine Tours. It has some of the best monuments, museum collectives and very ancient history of Kiev Empire. Also, the well noted part here is that this museum has one particular symbol which is highly recognized by everyone in Kiev. The interior of this museum is loudly talked about the story of an art which is coming from 11th century era. There is one particular bell tower which looks beautiful from far view.

For traveller who want instant rush and love adventure as an extra addition to their Kiev tour there is one a 532-meter-long ride over Kiev river. This ride going from right to left over the Dnieper River it around 1 minute fly ride from sunny beach to Trukhaniv Island. The main catch of this ride is amazing sunset view and surprisingly one will get one of the best views of Kiev city tour from above.

Kamianets-PodilskyiCastle, this spot comes on third number in Kiev and Lviv. It is a perfect place to feel like a medieval warrior, take part in an archery tournament, or climb to the top of the fortress. This castle is surrounded by green landscape and combinations of the perfect scenery for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Tourist here mainly comes for the Hot air balloon festival to spend an unforgettable night with their loved one. This is the main attraction of whole Ukraine tour.

The Motherland Monument is a symbol of patriotism and it is the main attraction in Kyiv, it does not matter how much time has been left on your trip, and you must arrive there. It’s around 300 ft. tall and gave you the humongous view from the low side of the park. The most favorite thing here is, lay down here on fresh green grass and take view of birds and motherland’s statue.

Myrhorod is another city under Ukraine, and it’s located on the Khorol River. Here as a tourist you will love to explore Dormition Church nearby a lake and Myrhorod railway station where you can click some picture, it is because here in Myrhorod before major winter there is quite snow so you may catch the icy vibes.

Uzhhorod which is a western city in Ukraine, one of the best architecturally design city. The street of this city is perfectly suitable for a simple conversational date night. Just hold the hand of your partner and just groove towards old city and Roman Catholic streets, and in season of summer this place is blossomed by Japanese blossoms so it will give you the feel of bliss and fruitful nature. Plan your Ukraine tour and seize the day!

For food you can totally relay on local food which introduced the hospitality and love of Ukraine people, Borscht and salo is one of them which is simple bread and Soup that contains meat, vegetable stew and herbs. It’s greatly formulated in its composition and will hit your taste buds very strongly.

Chernobyl Tour

In 1986 one of the most catastrophic nuclear energy accidents took place in Chernobyl. it’s obvious that this not a regular tourists spot and even they are not allowed into the exclusion zone on their own, so here special permission is required to organize the whole tour with group of people, but there are a lot of organized Chernobyl tours available. Well this place is full of trees and enough space for travel. You can also take photographs of those moments in Chernobyl but only for specific area. It is probably one of the weird places to travel but at the end you will surely see the best glimpse of best of Ukraine tour ever.

Book your Ukraine holiday package and Kiev and Lviv tour package now with Central Asia Guided Tours and be ready for exciting trip full of surprises and live your tourist desire to the fullest.

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