Jim Corbett for Your Upcoming Weekend Getaway: Here’s How to Plan

Set up in 1936 as Hailey National Park, Jim Corbett National Park is set in the midst of the lower regions of Himalayas. It is the first national park in the nation and is home to the extremely well known Royal Bengal Tigers that are nearly eliminated.

The national park is situated on the banks of the River Kosi and is home to exactly 480 types of widely varied vegetation. The spot is a shelter for wildlife photographers as they can spot and catch a ton of things here. The Jim Corbett Tour Packages are intended to set free the secret excellence of one of the well-known national parks of India. Here’s how you can plan your trip with the help of the expert:

On the first day of your arrival in Jim Corbett

Rest for some time and have your lunch. After your lunch you can go for local touring. Embrace the experience to visit Girija Devi Temple, an ancient Devi temple in India, which is situated on the edges of a beautiful village called Girjiya close to Ramnagar. Visit Corbett Waterfall which is a little, scenic waterfall settled in the backwoods of the Corbett National Park. Opt for the Jim Corbett Package for an exciting trip!

On the second day in Jim Corbett

Start your day with a cup of coffee and prepare for the most anticipated trip. Be entranced by the sheer magnificence of the spot as you see the sights of the inward profundities of the Corbett National Park. Have a chance to get a glimpse of the Bengal Tiger as you roam around the forested region to spot the flora and fauna of this region. Jim Corbett Safari Package lets you enjoy a hassle-free safari experience.

Return to the resort and have your breakfast. After breakfast you can enjoy a dip in the swimming pool. During the evening relish the kind of exotic meals during your visit that will facilitate your craving. Later in the evening, you can relax near the banks of the Kosi River and spend your time admiring the beauty as the river flows along. Return to the retreat and become involved with the soul of the miraculous place. In the evening enjoy a bonfire and some live music and you relish the delicious meal.

Activities to Do in Jim Corbett

  1. Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett
  2. Canter Safari in Jim Corbett
  3. Ecotourism
  4. Trekking
  5. Bird Watching in Jim Corbett
  6. Fishing & Angling in Corbett
  7. Adventure Activities in Corbett
  8. Bridge Slithering
  9. Rappelling
  10. Rock Climbing
  11. Mountain Biking

Why choose Jim Corbett Package for your upcoming weekend getaway?

Jim Corbett is one of the most popular tourist destinations, an incredible spot to partake in a tranquil and adventurous weekend away from the chaotic lifestyle. The way that it is situated in the midst of lush green forest and the exotic wildlife makes it much more entrancing to the vacationers. Go for Jim Corbett Tour Packages for a mesmerizing vacation!

The vast majority of the Jim Corbett Package includes your stay at the modern Jim Corbett resorts located near the river Kosi with the inclusion of adventurous activities to make your stay more exciting.

The visitors have the chance to partake in a relaxing trip while enjoying the breathtaking views of Jim Corbett’s wilderness. The mild climate empowers you to visit this tourist destination any season. However, the best season to visit Jim Corbett is during the cold weather months, for example from November to February. During the winter months every one of the zones are open and you can spot most of the wild creatures inhabiting the region. Choose Jim Corbett Safari Package for an adventurous trip!

Reaching Corbett Tiger Reserve is easy

Jim Corbett is located near Ramnagar in Uttarakhand and is one of the best spots to see wildlife in Asia. Ramnagar is well-connected by trains and roadways to major cities of India.

Book your hotel with Jim Corbett La Perle River Resort

A large number of hotels around Corbett National Park decide the prevalence of this wildlife reserve in India. Indeed, in Corbett nothing can prevent you from choosing a resort or hotel for your stay. The accommodation choice in Corbett ranges from budget hotels to high-end luxury resorts. Hence, plan according to your budget, every one of them is ready to welcome you.

A Jim Corbett Safari Package makes certain to allow you to encounter an advantageous trip while continuing towards the fun-filled activity. Plus, the Jim Corbett Tour Packages additionally includes the help of experienced and trained guides who will support you throughout to make your trip a wonderful one.

Book Jim Corbett La Perle River Resort, a luxury resort in Jim Corbett alongside the River Kosi!

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