Where to Buy Crafts and Souvenirs in Tashkent

Buy Crafts and Souvenirs in Tashkent

Have you ever visited striking attractions of Uzbekistan such as Tashkent? There are number of places & hubs in the capital city of Tashkent from where you can shop for reminders, gifts & crafts. You will find souvenir shops inside almost all the hotels, trading centers, and museums. Do not forget to buy something from unique & awesome places while on Tashkent tour. Now, below is a list of souvenirs that are surely going to steal your attention during Central Asia Destinations Tour:-

Tashkent Clock Towers

a) While on your Uzbekistan Travel, you should visit twin clock towers. One of them was built in 1947 & other was built in recently around 2009.

b) Now, these clock towers are considered as the sign of Tashkent. This clock tower has a showroom with different types of ancient as well as stylish jewelry that was wonderfully created by the master craftsmen of the crafts dynasty.

Art Caravan Handicraft Store

This store is situated in the heart of Tashkent and is one of the popular areas to visit during Uzbekistan Tours especially for handicraft shopping. Thus this store is close to Central Department Store.

Human Wear Gallery

(a) This is one of the unique places that sell collections of over 200 leading designers & craftsmen.

(b) This gallery is best for buying some incomparable handmade produces, clothes, accessories, jewelry, toys and many more products.

Central Department Store

(a) This store has three floors. The first floor is packed with all the good selection of handicraft items at the gift department.

(b) You can also find various chemical goods, watches, scents, clothes and footwear, pillows, bedding, blankets as well as accessories.

Tashkent Plaza

Considered as one of the popular destinations among tourists, Tashkent Plaza is known for serving mostly the Uzbek national handicraft which includes ceramics, paintings, carpets, wood engraving jewelry as well as the woven good.

Abulkasym Madrassah

(a) This Madrassah is home to over 30 craftsmen living here and it is an amazing place of workshop inside a former Madrassah.

(b) The range & quality of the products that are made here are exclusive like art deco, paintings, jewelry & ceramics as well.

Khazrati Imam Architectural Complex

This entire complex consists of several Madrassahs, Mosques, and tombs. Currently, there are 20 craftsmen who are selling their hand-made goods inside the courtyard of Barakhan Madrassah.

Broadway Street

Sailgokh Street is known as ‘Broadway’ by the locals, as here you can see some street artists & painters who display their original artwork.

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