Introduction to Central Asia

Central Asia Tours

From vast prairies to celestial mountains, from nomadic culture to soviet heritage, ancient cities along the Great Silk Road to striking modern architecture in Astana, there is much to discover in the five ‘stans’ that institute the region known as Central Asia. The region boasts a population of 68 million people and its area is approximately as big as the European Union.


At the core of the Asian continent lies Central Asia, a region full of colourful culture and deep history. This region aids from a mixture of national identities that have been carefully cultivated over many centuries. Central Asia, as it is known today, is consist of five former Soviet republics: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Turkmenistan,Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. This definition comes from the shared history of these nations: nations that became part of Tsarist Russia in the second half of the 19th century finally became part of the Soviet Union in the 1920’s. This circuit of earth has increased visitors since last decade from different parts of the world and people love to book Central Asia tour packages from CIS travel agencies. Many people still confused, if Mongolia and Afghanistan also can be considered as part of Central Asia tour. Historically and geographically yes, but according to the facts of last 100 years, 5 Central Asian states went through the diverse path of development as a part of the Soviet Union and then as independent states. Afghanistan and Mongolia were not part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) and so they do not share common history for the last century with five Central Asian states.

Why Go to Central Asia?

Central Asia is among those few regions of the world that has revealed it to be new for travellers who are looking for adventure tour packages. The region also played a vital role in connecting the East to the West during the Silk Road time hence why there are so many ancient monuments, forgotten cultures, and stunning old towns, for you to explore. Silk route tour package is new favourite among young generation.

Not just that, the region is tremendously diverse making it the picture-perfectdestination to backpack around for a month or more. With the spectacularly beautiful mountains of Kyrgyzstan, the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan, the Gateway to Hell in Turkmenistan, the stunning architecture of Uzbekistan, and the rich culture of Kazakhstan, you will never get bored in Central Asia.

Where to Go in Central Asia?

Almaty, Bishkek, Karakol, Osh, Dushanbe, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva are some of the main cities which will give you spellbound touring experience. Each city will give you unforgettable experience with distinct culture, cuisine, places of interest, things to do and much more. For best experience checkout Central Asia Guided tour packages which will offer you variety of tours right from adventure tour packages, romantic tour packages, culture tours packages, trekking tour packages to Central Asia Group tour packages, private tour packages and solo tour packages.

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