Top Things to Do in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Tashkent Tours

Tashkent is very amazing and entertaining capital city of Uzbekistan but often gets brushed over by travellers and is used simply as an entry point for the country. People don’t realise there are lots of things to do in Tashkent and in their speed to reach the tiles they forget to halt and explore the capital.

We were very much surprised by our first 2 days halt in Tashkent and ended up planning a few more days stay at the end of our trip once the tile fatigue (a real affliction in Uzbekistan) had well and truly set in. We discovered Tashkent offering the charm that other cities were lacking and there was more to the city than unspoiled walkways and trimmed gardens (although there is a bit of that too).

If you’re planning to book Uzbekistan tour package, we strongly recommend that you should invest couple of days to explore cool things to do in Tashkent and indulge yourself in Uzbek city life.

Visit Amir Timur Square and admire the Hotel Uzbekistan

Start your Tashkent tour with a visit to Amir Timur Square and the surrounding park areas. The central square shows a classic statue of Amir Timur on horseback and is filled with perfectly maintained gardens. On the edge of the square you can see variety of notable buildings not least being the truly enormous Hotel Uzbekistan which has become somewhat of an icon in the city. If you like Soviet architecture, then this is a must-see in Tashkent.

Shop at Chorsu Bazaar

I have visited many bazaars while touring different countries and the Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent is perfectly up to world market standards (if such a thing exists). The market covers many streets, roofed alleys and a rather striking domed market hall. I recommend this place for doing some souvenir shopping as the prices are cheaper than in the tourist towns of Samarkand and Bukhara. Prices can of course be bargained, and you can buy things at price as low as 50% of the original price.

See the Minor Mosque

Ok, there are far more striking mosques to be seen while doing Uzbekistan tour and this one is quite new in comparison but the stark white and its lovely location next to a river make it a best thing to do in Tashkent if you have time or are staying at the nearby Jules Verne Hostel. A stroll along the river is also a pleasant break to the city bustle.

Relax in the Park

Best place to spend time with nature, Tashkent is home to several beautifully trimmed parks and gardens which are great places to relax wander or sit on a bench and watch the world go by. Basically, anywhere in the city which displays green on the map will be a lively park area so head to wherever is on your way and relax in the sun.

Discover the Metro Stations

This was one of my favourite things to do in Tashkent. Soviet metro systems are famous for being grand and the Tashkent metro system is no exception. The moment you enter in metro stations you feel like entering in an art museum or fancy hotel lobbies and each one is centred around a different theme. By far one of my favourite stations was Kosmonavtlar which is dedicated to the cosmonauts of the Soviet Union with space themed pillars and mosaics.

Try the Best Plov in Central Asia

Well-known for selling the best plov in Central Asia, this is a top attraction in Tashkent. Honestly, we found plov to be pretty generic wherever we ate it but the experience of seeing it cooked in big pans with locals standing in long ques to fill their pots to take home was worth the visit. If you feel hungry after watching the plov making display; head inside to the grand dining hall and order yourself a plate which is big enough for two people. There are also salads and drinks available.

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