Why Yerevan Tour Is My New Favorite

Yerevan is not only famous as beautiful city but also known as “a Pink City” but don’t expect it to take your breath away or fall in love with it from the very first sight. But if you decide to pick Yerevan tour package and give it a chance, spend there more than only few hours there’s a big probability you’ll notice a true face of the Armenian capital and will want to return there willingly as often as possible. That was the story with me. Finally you will fall in love with the city and don’t want to turn back to your home like me.

When I was on Yerevan tour for the first time in summer 2015 I liked it but didn’t go crazy for it. Ever since leaving it I sensed that I should go back there as soon as possible to peep in deeper and see how it really is (similar story happened to me when I was on Tbilisi, Belgrade and Baku tour). When I finally checkout some very cheap tickets to Armenia I didn’t think twice.

This time I spent almost 2 weeks in Yerevan and every day I was sinking more and more for it, making it so difficult to finally leave. So what makes Yerevan holiday so special and why you should consider it as one of your next destinations?

The cafe culture in Yerevan

First and most important noticeable thing when on Yerevan tour is its amazing cafe culture! It was one of the first things I’ve noticed when I entered in Yerevan during my first visit and now it drives me crazy whenever I think of it.

The city is loaded with cafes! Every park, every corner, most of the streets have them and no matter what time of the day you visit they were always packed with people.

Since Armenians like their coffee to be best (so here you can buy fresh coffee grains that are minced right at the spot) you can be sure that the quality of the drinks you order will be excellent that too in your budget.

Another big advantage that you can enjoy in cafes is an excellent free Wi-Fi (it is also available in every metro station and few shops). I spent 2 days sitting in the cafe (Achajour – highly suggested!) and did so much work in fantastic ambience; it would normally take me weeks to finish.

Yerevan is alive!

I could spent hours just roaming around in Yerevan or sitting in the park and looking at the world around me going by. The city is quite cheerful and seems to be always packed with people of all age groups. If you are looking for more cheerful holidays go for Yerevan Tours Package; available at affordable prices.

I perceived that the main activity for most of the locals is to hang out in the centre. Seeing all these people along with kids spending time outside brought back nice recalls of the childhood and recapped me of the good old times without shopping malls dominating our life.

Visit Yerevan to enjoy delicious Armenian food!

As a vegetarian I could pick up from plenty of options and each of them was tastier than the previous! I mostly had my lunch and dinner in either a restaurant serving food from Caucasus (named – surprise, surprise – “Caucasus”) or the Syrian falafel place, close to the Opera.

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