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Bishkek Tour

As a tourist, I always wanted to indulge in the deepest or innermost of that city as lesser as possible; you never know about time how fast it can pass. But these days picture of “the trip” becomes very fussy. It’s rush everywhere, even in most of our trip if we didn’t plan it wisely, we end up with a messy one! There was a time when I was planning my trip to London for the first time, but my friend suggested me Bishkek tour! It’s just come out of the box for me. I have never even heard this name, honestly.

But then after one hour of research on hotels, flights, bill and all, I ended up booking me for Bishkek Tour Package from Delhi, so you are thinking what the catch with Bishkek tour is suddenly? My answer is very simple, that I am not going to miss the simplicity of a country and at the same time so serene it looks. Kyrgyzstan has beautiful Bishkek as capital. So, from Delhi to Bishkek, there is a direct flight with a time-limit of 3 hours.

I took some rest for a while, and then later plug my energy into exploration. I am a kind of nature lover and guess what! This time I got lucky. Bishkek has a reserved atmosphere for tremendous greenery. It felt so fresh and soothing.

Then I head myself to Ala-Too Square, this place has relations with Kyrgyzstan’s Independence. This place is also surrounded by other art galleries and monuments. Here I took a couple of pictures.

There is Dubovy Park, where a bunch of artists sells their paintings. This is like the central park which is good for a day picnic and oh gosh! The view is so elegant, I am quite sure that I will not get this feeling again in any another place.

At Osh Bazaar, I bought some of my favourite items. This is one of the largest bazar in Eurasia and situated on the west side of the town. At Osh Bazaar, one can buy food products, almost any common household goods, clothes, souvenirs, and even musical instruments. Later I went to Frunze House-Museum I call it art extravaganza, here are some suggestions before going to this museum; get some information or history trivia about that place and there are some nearby sightseeing options too.

The food is major part of the whole Bishkek tour. Kyrgyz cuisine blew my mind there, first, I tried there very popular meat and beef rise, to be honest, it was very delicious, hot and spicy. There is a dish named ‘Samsa’ which is very similar to samosa which we eat in India. If you choose a cafe over a restaurant then you might be served with some sesame glazed bread with tea. For beverages there, some alcoholic and non- alcoholic, but I choose the traditional one! They call it Kymyz, came up with light alcohol and it made from fermented Mare’s milk. So, in total, it was a fun, super excited and very mind-blowing experience for me; Bishkek tour package, amazingly good.

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