Best Places to Be Visited in Europe in the summers 2021

In a spiraling world of unanswered questions, some…are pretty straightforward. One of such questions is what are the best places to be visited in Europe? We often try to answer this question and at the same time fail to answer it. The answer is also quite simple. When it comes to Europe, it is hard to cherry-pick good holiday destinations since every single destination is more fascinating than the other that it’s actually pretty hard to box this beautiful miracle mother nature has bestowed the entire mankind in a single list. As we have stepped into this New Year, we can feel the gush of positivity rushing in when it comes to setting new traveling goals and ticking in all the boxes in our bucket list. However, there is no dearth of reasons to plan a trip to Europe. One can never explore the depth of its beauty fully. It is a treasure trove of some of the most enchanting destinations of the world. In fact, this year, you will have absolutely no reason to not plan a trip to these selected destinations we’ve compiled here for you to ensure a spectacular summer vacation in Europe this year. Europe has got everything to make up for a perfect holiday destination for summer. So, pack your bags, and head straight into a dreamlike vacation waiting to engulf your senses. These handpicked destinations of Europe can definitely give you a feel of heading straight into a dreamland. Let’s explore together.

The Captivating Cyprus: Ensconced within The East of Europe is the captivating Cyprus – A beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. Find yourself amidst surreal white sandy beaches, and glistening turquoise seas. The popular holiday spots include Paphos, Kyrenia, Larnaca, Limmasol, Ayia Napa.

The Magical Cityscape of Santorini, Greece: A volcanic Island filled with beaches, jaw-dropping views, mesmerizing sunsets, destination weddings, Black Pebble beach, red beach & white beach. It is 200kms away from Mainland Greece. The best time to visit Santorini is between June-September. For that perfect Instagrammable Glam Factor, you just can’t miss to visit this place

Blow Your Senses in Barcelona, Spain: Hans Christian Anderson has described this miraculous city as the ‘Paris of Spain’. It’s a charming city with stunning aesthetics and rich culture heritage. Barcelona is also the chocolate producing centre of Spain. This city has got everything such as lavish markets, restaurants, churches, shops to make this a fantastic place to be visited during summers

The Insane Interlaken:  If you’re a sports enthusiast, then you just can’t miss to visit Interlaken in Switzerland. It’s a place ideal to experience the inexplicable adrenaline rush that you can’t get over sooner. It offers host of activities that one can try such as Kayaking, Jumping out of a plane, climbing down a canyon, hang-gliding or just simply trekking, strolling and exploring the stunning mountains around. The best thing about this destination is that it is equally good to be visited in almost every single season; be it summer or winters. You will also find cathartic moments of experiencing surreal bliss as you find yourself immersed in the incredible natural beauty, bounty and abundance around you

The Astounding Amsterdam: The urban modern flair wrapped in the sweet historical magnetism is what truly defines Amsterdam. It’s an amazing destination to learn and discover about the glorious European history. It’s a destination quite popular for its gleaming nightlife culture and party shenanigans. Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank house is a must visit for art and literature enthusiasts.

The Enchanting Venice: If you’re planning a honeymoon trip, then Venice is a destination you can definitely consider. This enchanting destination is all about good food, incredible culture and amorous vibes. Nice sunsets, ancient buildings, imperial architecture, sumptuous Italian cuisine is what makes Venice as one of the most alluring destinations in Europe. Make sure to pay visit to Burano, a colourful and vibrant island next to the city and relish delicious coffee in Piazza De San Marco.

The Stunning Vienna: Vienna is a perfect tourist destination for summers in Europe. It offers a huge variety of indulgent activities to keep oneself engaged and amused. From hiking, sightseeing, lounging at deck chairs along the canal, beaches to a largest and grandest open air festival of Europe.

The Marvelous Melides: Pristine sands, tiny village squares, and this magnificent destination encompasses a lot in terms of precious boutique hotels, and gorgeous art galleries that can be a fascinating escapade for any art connoisseur. It’s a low-key rural hillside village is a treasure trove of deserted beaches, miles of vineyards, rice fields and cork oaks attracts artistic souls from all galore since ages like flames attract moths

These are some of the best destinations in Europe that you can explore for an experience worthy to be etched in the gallery of your memories for the years to come. It’s the high time to go out and take a plunge into experiencing something that replenishes and rejuvenates us post 2020. And a trip to Europe can really turn out to be a breather for y’all. Include these destinations in your itinerary and let your heart and soul wander forever in the most happening and fascinating places on the planet.


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