Hot Spring Waters of Himachal: Experience The Magical Warmth Of This Winters In Himachal

Himachal Pradesh as we all know is the land of breathtaking landscapes, adrenaline pumping adventure, shimmering snow-capped mountains, mesmerizing locations, delectable delicacies, crisp chilled winds and silver mists and a lot more one can ever think of this enchanting Himachal can encompass. Himachal indeed reminds us of a lot of beautiful aspects and magical moments that life can bestow us with every now & then. However, this, one of the coldest holiday destinations in North India can also turn out to be the warmest one (metaphorically though). That’s actually the essence of this magical destination. It might appear cold on the surface but it also possesses myriad of hidden gems in its depth that if one chooses to explore and dive into the depths of this paradise, they wouldn’t be able to come out of it without getting enchanted. Himachal is the perfect manifestation of covered with snow on the outside and warmed by its precious treasure of Hot Springs inside. Today, we are taking you a bit closer to some of these precious jewels ensconced within this heaven on earth. These Hot Springs in Himachal are generally found in three types: Simple Springs, Mineral Springs & Thermal Springs. Come, take a dip and seek heavenly trance in these handpicked Hot Spring Waters of Himachal with us.

  • Captivating Kheerganga in Kullu: Hot Springs are ideally known to be blessed with miraculous healing properties. Their exceptional healing properties are valued and revered for over an era now and it’s the purest and most pristine source of variety of precious minerals with natural rejuvenation and restorative properties. These Hot Springs have a therapeutic essence to them that enhances the natural flow of oxygen through your body and also helps in detoxification of the blood naturally. Kheerganga in Kullu is one of the most ethereal Hot Springs in India nestled in the heart of ever enchanting Parvati Valley. Just visiting here can be so soothing, therapeutic and calming to one’s senses, such an effect this dreamlike Hot Spring might have upon anyone. There is a Shiva temple near the spring where you can also relish some hot tea break at the tiny stall of Natkan. You can’t help but get enchanted with the beauty all galore and calming vibe of this place

Mesmerizing Manikaran in Kullu: Manikaran is one of the most famous Hot Springs in India. It is actually a pilgrimage town perched on the bank of radiant river Parvati. One of the most astounding facts about this place is that its waters are too hot that even food can be cooked by using that water. Buy a potli of rice from a nearby grocery shop there in muslin cloth and place it in the steaming waters to experience this yourself. You will be in awe. Try this out. In fact, Manikaran Gurudwara too cooks their food in large vessels immersed in spring water and it gets cooked. It often leaves people awestruck that how a place like Himachal which remains so cold throughout can have such Spring Water which naturally remains steaming hot throughout the year. Well, such mysteries actually what makes Himachal quite a charming place to explore

Therapeutic Tattapani in Mandi: As the name suggests, Tattapani itself implies – Hot. It’s a geothermal spring emerging out of the pebbled waters of Satluj. The water here is a precious blend of beauty, tranquility and a hot and rejuvenating bath. You can also experience some adrenaline rush by trying white water rafting in Satluj waters. Give it a try after a therapeutic dip in the holy waters of Tattapani and thereon, move towards your next best adventure which can be white water rafting. Trust me, you will literally have a time of your life

Serene Jeori in Kinnaur: This hot spring is located in the marvelous Spiti Valley road which is popularly known as Hindustan Tibet Road. It becomes quite significant because of famous Chhatri Yatra (The Holy Mace) of the famous Manimahesh pilgrimage to the Shrikhand Mahadev Peak which is held every year in the month of July begins from a dip in the hot spring waters of Jeori. This hot bath is considered to be highly spiritual and auspicious if done in Shravan Maas (Monsoon) which is considered to be a holy month for Shiva’s worship as well

Tranquil dips in Tatwani, Kangra: The lush green valley of Tatwani, Kangra welcomes you to the beautiful Hot spring waters of Tatwani, Kangra. It is blessed with some of the miraculous healing properties like that of Amethyst stone. It is a Sulphur spring water renowned for providing miraculous benefits in various skin diseases, fatigue, joint pain etc. It also heals many ailments, and detoxifies the skin by cleansing away the impurities. Ensconced within a quaint temple, the hot waters of the spring flow into a pool making its way out of the lion’s mouth carved in a stone. It can turn out to be one of the holiest dip of a lifetime

Apart from that, Kalath in Kullu is also quite popular for its exceptional healing abilities. It offers an amazing opportunity to tourists and travelers to take these holy dips, to detoxify and deeply cleanse themselves through these therapeutic warm baths. If you too want to explore the magic of these spellbinding, therapeutic warm water baths, then book your desirable Himachal Tour Package with us today and dive into the aura of immense healing and serenity.

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