You’re Going to Love Kiev

Kiev Tour Packages

Kiev (or Kyiv) is the capital of Ukraine and the country’s largest and entertaining city, with a population of 3 million. Located on the banks of the Dnieper River, it is one of the most ancient and attractive cities in Europe, dating back to at least 500 AD. The city’s extensive history has resulted in a captivating mix of architectural styles, creating a city centre skyline that is what it own. The people of Kiev are very welcoming, funny, and fiercely proud of their city and their nation. Kiev city tour promise you an amazing trip mixed with cultural and adventure tours.

Tourist numbers in Kiev are still small, this doesn’t mean that it is less known, this means that you can experience the Ukrainian capital without crowds of visitors; it’s a cool place to meet new people and make friends.

5 Reasons Why You Should Really Visit Kiev:

1. The Nightlife

Kiev comes alive at night, and you can see huge variety of pubs and clubs filled with party lovers. You can pick between stylish cosmopolitan lounges or typical Ukrainian bars. The club gets started around midnight and moves on until dawn. Forsage is one of the most prevalent clubs, with 3 floors driving out different music styles.

2. The Street Life

Kiev is packed with pop-up bars and cafes, often serving their fare from transformed cars. It makes just hanging around Kiev streets a real choice and you’re never quite sure what are around the next corner. There are also marketplaces everywhere, especially in the underground areas below the major streets, producing an electric atmosphere.

3. The Architecture

With 1,500 years of captivating history, you will find amazing architectural styles to suit all taste, like gold-plated domes and soviet tower blocks. One of the popular sites is the Kyevo-Pecherskaya Lavra, or Monastery, dating back 1,000 years and with mesmerizing underground catacombs.

4. Chernobyl

Now it becomes possible to enjoy a day trip to the city of Chernobyl, site of one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters. Full day Kiev tour package includes a two-hour coach trip to the site, during which you will be shown an interesting documentary on the incident. Visitors are allowed to get quite close to the site of the reactors and explore some of the sights.

5. The Mother Motherland Monument

The Mother Motherland Monument was built to memorialize the Soviet Union conquering the Nazis – at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War is fairly a sight. Start early morning tour and get a private guide to take you to the top, where you can relish some stunning views.

6. Its Safe to Travel in City

Ukraine has faced a bumpy few years, between revolutions and seizures, but the Foreign Office (FCO) maintain and assures that Kiev is safe to visit, well, “usually calm”. The FCO has actually issued definite advice for fans of dreadful music heading to the contest this week.

If you didn’t visited this city yet then book your Kiev Tour packages now and be ready for a trip full of surprises and treasures. You can also checkout group tour packages, Kiev group tours, adventure tour packages, trekking tour packages and cultural tours only at central Asia Guided Tours.

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