Trip to Ukraine – Best Destination in Eastern Europe

Ukraine Package

Ukraine is a very beautiful country and always being a first choice of travelers travelling to Eastern Europe, it’s really a great place to travel with plenty of things to do. I personally picked few days Kiev tour package to see the charm of city and tour Chernobyl, but fell in love with its ambiance, welcoming people and ended up staying for more than 5 weeks.

Ukraine is a cool place to hang out with your loved ones; unfortunately Ukraine has a bit of an image problem with the conflict that’s its falls in Eastern Europe. But pick a map and look at the size of Ukraine, its largest country in Europe and 44th largest in the world. Everywhere you can explore what many other parts of Europe offer like wonderful historic cities, mountains in the Carpathians, lively nightlife in the vibrant capital Kiev, and much more than that. If you are a chocolate lover, this is the place for you! Yeah bet you didn’t know that there are some delicious chocolates from the historic city of Lviv. This country is filled with surprises at every corner.

In fact if you are travelling to Krakow or Budapest, you should not miss to see Lviv and the Carpathian Mountains as they’re so close by. Kiev is another beautiful city of Ukraine, prefect standalone in the middle of the country; you can also visit the ghost city of Pripyat at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site, which is something unique to see. You can also enjoy journey in modern high speed train connecting Lviv in the west to Kiev that takes just 6 hours and costs only around 10 euros. Do not miss to relish underground tunnels tour of Kiev and see the mysteries underneath the city.

For travelers looking for budget tour packages from India this is an amazing destination to pick. Seriously, it’s one of the cheapest and liveliest places I’ve ever been to and I’ve visited around 70+ countries. Ukraine holiday packages allow you to have a glimpse of interesting sites like Russian Orthodox churches, with their gold plating and cone tops, were both magnificent and symbolic of a deep sense of faith. And the Ukrainian food is something that no one will stop praising. I was surprised at how flavorful it was. I am very much particular about the taste and presentation of dishes but food served here really surprised me with its real aroma. There are lots of options to choose from like the borscht, the meat, the potato dumplings, the blintzes – it was all delicious. The sour cream they put in it adds an amazing texture to the soup.

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