Exploring Uzbekistan: At the Center of the Silk Road

Exploring Uzbekistan: At the Center of the Silk Road

Do you know! More than the Roman Empire, the Silk Road designed the world we know today. Moving from Russia to the Indian Subcontinent, Europe to Asia and everywhere in between, it was along this grid of ancient trading routes that people, inventions, ideas, and goods made their way.

At the center of the popular Silk route, and waiting to be revealed, is Uzbekistan. It’s quicker and easier than ever before to plan for Uzbekistan tour. Whether its hotels, transfers, air tickets; everything goes smooth when it comes to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan Airways also function directly from London to Tashkent, 3 times a week and the embassy in London can turn around a tourist visa application in a few days without the need for a letter of invitation.

Let’s check out the attractions in Uzbekistan, things to do there which makes it a must-visit destination?

The Silk Road Travel and Cities

First and on the top are the great Silk route tour packages of cities including Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara, which have been inspiring travelers with their architectural artwork splendor for centuries. All UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these cities are adorned with stained glass, gilded ceilings, majolica tiles, and exquisite paintings and carvings.

Silk Road Travel

Samarkand City Tour

On Samarkand tour, tourists usually head straight for the Registan Square, which is comprised of 3 madrassahs, the earliest of which dates from the 15th century. Every structure is highly decorated, and the front of the Sher for madrassah portrays strange tigers with human faces upon their backs: they are incongruous and stunning in equal measure, and clearly challenge the orthodox Islamic view that living creatures should not be depicted in art.

Samarkand Tour Package

Explore some off beaten paths, however, and so it’s necessary to leave behind the spark of the cities and head out into the hinterland. Tourists hardly travel as far south as Termez, but they don’t know that, they miss out: one of the great Graeco-Bactrian cities at the time of Alexander the Great, and the archaeological findings made here are eye-opening.

Tashkent City Tour

Tashkent, Uzbekistan’s capital is a beautiful city with regional hub of culture. The Ballet Theater and glorious Navoi Opera has just reopened after major makeovers, and the reasonable tickets offer a chance to see marvelous classical performances in an amazing setting. There are a good number of museums in the city, of which the Uzbekistan State Museum of Applied Art and the Fine Arts Museum of Uzbekistan are particularly worth exploring.

Tashkent Tour Package

Do not forget to pick some time to shop at Chorsu Bazaar – the modern exhibition of the Silk Road markets of the past – and, take a ride on the Tashkent Metro, the stations of which are adorned with carved alabaster, chandeliers, mosaics, engraved metalwork, and more.

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