Best of Kazakhstan Tour Package

Kazakhstan Tour Package

Kazakhstan is a less explored, vast nation in Central Asia with high mountains and open steppe, home to an attractive array of flora, fauna and wildlife. Kazakhstan customized tour packages take the wildlife lovers to a part of the world they have probably never seen before, with amazing bird life and offers a chance to see Horsfield’s Tortoise at Lake Kapchagai on the River Ili, close to the former capital of Almaty. Main focus of the Kazakhstan tour packages apart from Wildlife is Botany as Kazakhstan is home to number of wild tulip species. Up to ten species of tulip can be seen on group tours under the assistance of a botanical expert.


Tourists coming to Kazakhstan usually begin their stay in the city of Almaty, nestled beneath the snow-capped peaks of the Trans Ili range (part of the Tien Shan Mountains). From there, you can go to Lake Kapchagai, which is quite 80 km north-east of Almaty and home to animal life and good range of flora. With alluring 150-year-old history, the city saw manufacture of dozens of significant monuments, museums, parks, architectural sites, and so on. And today, while on Almaty tour, travellers can learn more about the culture and history of the city, which still continues to expand.
Main Attractions of Almaty:

Zenkov Cathedral

It is among few structures, dating back to the tsarist era that came via earthquake of 1910, despite the fact that the cathedral building was made up of completely from wood, and constructed without using a single nail. Zenkov Cathedral is one of the most amazing and unique wooden buildings in the world.

Museum of National Musical Instruments

The Museum of National Musical Instruments is situated in the House of Officials, where 100 years back, the city’s military authority met to grip festive times. The museum put on display the Kazakh musical instruments with the oldest one dating back to the XVII century.

Central State Museum in Almaty

The Central State Museum located in Almaty is a material replication of the Kazakhstan centuries-long history. It encompasses unique archaeological finds, dating back to the primeval era, as well as stuffs from the country’s modern history.


Medeo is a scenic valley, approx. 15 km above Almaty, where the high-altitude skating rink, well-known in the former USSR’s countries is located. Wonderful nature of the mountains backdrops not only the skating rink, but also a dam and Chimbulak ski resort.

Big Almaty Lake

Mesmerizing Lake is located in the high-mountain valley of the Big Almaty River; 30 km south to Almaty, at the altitude of 2,511 meters above sea level. It is just like a sparkling mirror, lies in the gorge hollow, fenced from all sides by magnificent mountain peaks.

Zhetisu, Around Almaty

This is a title of a stunning land feeding many rivers, which take off from the Kazakhstan mountain tops. Numerous streams, like thread of pearl necklace, merging into a single stream, turn the land into a lovely flourishing oasis. The mountain slopes and the foothills, inhabited by number of species of wildlife, including the rare snow leopard are also home for different herbs, plants and trees.

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