Baku – A Windy City Where East Meets West

Baku Tour Packages

Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan is the largest cultural, scientific and industrial centre with plenty of Soviet genes floating half-hidden in the background. Azerbaijan is filled with magical cities and one of them is Baku. Checkout Baku tour packages now and get ready for dreamlike Baku trip.

Baku Boulevard… hugs the breezy seafront

Built in the beginning of 20th Century the Baku Boulevard is one of the most contemporary western features of the city. This wide stretch of side path is clustered with people from all around the world. This sidewalk is so breezy and amazing that the wind spins through the hail locks even while walking, jogging and cycling. It is very much famous amongst Couples and travellers who plan Baku tour to visit here to celebrate their anniversary and birthday on cable cars along the boulevard. Playground and other entertaining things are also available here, especially to wow kids!

Old City Baku… the hub of culture, history, and tradition

This spot ranks on the top in World heritage sites under the UNESCO. Explore the beautiful cinematic streets of the Old Baku City that is rich in age-old architectural buildings that are being reshaped. The old city is basically the home of wonderful palaces like that of the Shrivanshahs and Maiden Tower. While picking up the best Baku travel package from India, do pick Caucasus guided tour to trace your ancient trail to the depths of the city.

Yanar Dag… the land of fire

The legend says that this gas vent was inaccurately lit by a shepherd who had been smoking. The beginning of the 20th century has seen the natural gas reserves being deeply pierced that led to the extinguishing of most of the same. However, amongst all gas flame reserves, Yanar Dag is the only one that is still awake. Its scarcity makes the tourists crowd this spot. It is also known as the Fire Mountain.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum… storehouse of the finest carpets

This amazing Museum is situated in the centre of Azerbaijan and you should include in Top Things to do in Baku if you are on Azerbaijan tour. It has world’s best carpet and rug collection on display which will surely steal your heart. The travellers walk along the elegant halls that are occupied with lively coloured carpets depicting the evolution of the city’s history. And the museum building itself is a site – the main attraction is its look, shape of a rolled white and gold carpet, absolutely impossible to miss!

Flame Towers… the iconic skyscrapers

These towers are the most significant landmark of Baku. This modern feature is situated on a hilltop with the stunning view of both the Baku Bay and the Old City of Baku. The new flame-like structures get completed only in 2012. It is highly influenced by the fire worship exercise that has been well-known in Azerbaijan since ancient times. The view of the towers is completely spectacular with its transparent bluish tinge perfecting the sky itself. If you are planning a long Azerbaijan holiday tour you can also think of stay in the Fairmont Baku Hotel inside the Flame Towers.

Fountains Square… the throbbing heart of Baku Downtown

The Fountain Square is very much popular amongst visitor all around the globe for its vibrant entertaining culture. This spot will surely offer you a fun packed experience with all the delicious food of the local cafes, gourmet restaurants. You can also take away souvenirs for your dear ones back at home. This plaza is creased with luscious green trees and attractive fountains that run throughout the Fountain Square. Do not miss it in the night, when the fountains are illuminated giving a dreamlike feel and striking effect to this place.

Martyr’s Lane… a memorial to Azerbaijan heroes

It has been built to give due respect to the civilians that died for their country during the independence movement of Azerbaijan. It was constructed over the burial ground that is home to approx. 15000 heroes. The lane sides are decorated with walls made of marble that bears the sacrifice’s name engraved in gold.

Azerbaijan has lot to offer in terms of entertainment and fun; amazing country for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Book your trekking tour package or Baku holiday package from India now at and get amazing deals and offers on your complete tour. Just login to this website, fill up your details and get eligible for heavy discounts.

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