The Best of Central Asia

Best of Central Asia

It is not easy, to sum up, the beauty of Central Asia in a few words. The thing is that in recent times most people want to explore a new region. I’ve written a lot about my experience in exploring Central Asia and traveling along the Silk Road, and something people always ask me is … Continue reading The Best of Central Asia

An Unusual Baku Tour

Have you ever set your point on a trip where you don’t want to go, but later when you find out that someone from your circle has been there you have no option left to end up your emotion except to regret! There was a time when people think that the Caucasus, was an underrated … Continue reading An Unusual Baku Tour

Baku – A Windy City Where East Meets West

Baku Tour Packages

Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan is the largest cultural, scientific and industrial centre with plenty of Soviet genes floating half-hidden in the background. Azerbaijan is filled with magical cities and one of them is Baku. Checkout Baku tour packages now and get ready for dreamlike Baku trip. Baku Boulevard... hugs the breezy seafront Built in … Continue reading Baku – A Windy City Where East Meets West