An Unusual Baku Tour

Have you ever set your point on a trip where you don’t want to go, but later when you find out that someone from your circle has been there you have no option left to end up your emotion except to regret! There was a time when people think that the Caucasus, was an underrated and just another usual place for travel. But when the online-travel market hit all the social media websites with offers, places, interesting facts, blah, blah, blah! One thing also comes out of that strategy. People started exploring those places which they never heard of, they started planning Theme tour packages. But one thing is clear and that is, now travellers want to experiment with their travel choices.

The same thing happened with Baku too. Previously the Caucasus was only known as a barrier between Asia and Europe, but when solo traveller introduced blog and video shoot culture on social media we get to know about an amazing place like Baku, an unforgettable experience. Now here you can plan your fabulous Baku tour. It doesn’t matter if you want to go there as a solo, group tour or with your friends and loved ones, there is separate Baku Tour Package for each of them.

You can begin your Baku Tour with Gobustan, A site with ancient rock carving art and steamy mud volcanoes. This place is extremely good to experience rock art that includes dancing humans, ships, roman markings, mainly the carvings that are very interesting, yes you can head towards the UNESCO museum for more information. Also, the mud volcanoes, that are highly addictive in smell though, you will find this place amusing. Although you need high-quality lenses for photos.

You can start your day trip in -old Baku. This old town is part of UNESCO’s site. The buildings in this species belong to thousands to hundred years. Among them, you can see various museums, Mosques, and one they are 12th-century old Maiden tower which comes under top attractions of the Baku tour Package. It will be a small tour in the old city of Baku, but it’s a hundred percent worth it. You can even find amazing restaurants that serve fast food, Italian food, and some old euro-Asian cuisine. Prices might be a bit high but the food is authentic.

The old city of Baku is a good place for souvenirs collection. There are plenty of shops which have rugs and carpets and some antique jewellery. The next day you can start your Baku tour with Palace of the Shirvanshahs, A 15th-century old palace is famous for its beautiful classical architecture. It’s part of the UNESCO world heritage site and described as pearls of Azerbaijan’s architecture. After that, you can head towards the favourite tourist destination. Especially in the evening, it becomes all crowded. Because of so much tourist rush this place is filled with various hotels, restaurants and not only that but also because of public festivals and carnivals that runs here.

Apart from that Baku Eye or Baku Ferris wheel is set on the side of famous Baku Boulevard. From here you can also enjoy the view of the great Caspian Sea. Around 200 feet tall with 30 cabins, it can take 8 people in one go.

Considering the view of the Caspian Sea, there are so many Night clubs to light up your Nightlife in Baku. This will instantly make you feel like a local person of Baku, first people are very friendly here, second, you have plenty of options to drink and eat. For drinks, especially Baku’s night clubs have choices whether you want alcohol to non-alcoholic drinks. Madrid bar and Otto bars are one of the most famous bars in Baku, in Otto, you can get some Spanish-themed drinks. Pro tip: It’s better to book Baku Group Tour to enjoy the nightlife in Baku as a solo traveller you may enjoy in night clubs, but it will be better if you come with a group of friends. Your tone becomes vibrant when you spend some days in Baku.

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