Georgia is Calling You!

Georgia Tour Packages

My love for traveling never goes casually, even I took my travel choices very seriously. What to plan? Where to go? With family or with friends or solo? Etc. One golden advice for traveling is that what you want from that trip. Last year I was on a solo trip to Georgia. It was fun I can’t forget my whole life. Now as a prime traveler I have every information, experience, and memories that I have lived during my Georgia tour.

First thing first, it’s a country on the juncture of Asia and Europe. One thing makes Georgia unique it’s ecologically diverse nature, from tropical mountains, angelic water rivers here you find everything. I planned my Georgia tour package according to my choices of the destination I want to cover; the Georgia holiday tour package is the one that sells out fast. This country is famous among tourists all around the world. This is one of the beautiful places you ever been to. The main cities and attractions in Georgia are Tbilisi (capital city), Mtskheta, Stepantsminda, Kutaisi, Gudauri, Mestia, and Batumi. Here I am sharing with you the most beautiful places in Georgia, you must see.

Georgia a country, which is heavenly rich with green hills, deep caves, and rocky beaches. If you love nature and history, then you are in the right place, my friend. I took a walk to the villages and towns of Georgia during my trip and it felt so refreshing. I was amazed by the beautiful landscapes. One thing where Georgia never disappoint anyone that is the hospitality to serve a guest or traveler as a god. From very delicious to food to wine, Georgia has everything to impress at first sight. First, I head to Tbilisi the capital of Georgia, surrounded by mountains and hills. Tbilisi lies on the banks of the Mtkvari river, that gave me such a wonderful view of this city, Tbilisi Has been the capital of Georgia since the 5th century and till now is the main highlight of Georgia Tour.

I had one of the best times when I took a tour through cable car to the Narikala Fortress, from there you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the stunning city. Taking this tour during sunset in Tbilisi is famous among tourists. Enjoy your day trip at The Chronicles of Georgia in Tbilisi, A 6th-century old Jvari Monastery which is a gem of Georgia. You can also take a tour of The Art Museum of Georgia if you appreciate art.

The second city that I covered was Mtskheta, for which local people of Georgia told me that Mtskheta is the religious capital of Georgia. And it’s true! It’s one of the oldest cities in Georgia, having a history of 4000-year-old culture. Mtskheta, it’s just 30 minutes away from the Tbilisi and it is a vital part of Georgia tour. People come all around the world to explore this religious gem. One of my favorite things to do in Georgia is to drink water from the public fountain, yes! They still have those in their city area, especially around churches or near the street of the market.

The best part is, Georgia is the oldest wine producer in this whole world even they are the first ones who have started the farming of grapes. I went on one of their vineyards, to grab a glass of wine and just take off to heaven. In the case of wine tasting, Kakheti is one of the famous destinations in the country. You can go and check picturesque vineyards and enjoy some authentic Kakhetian wine. There is a cultural group of people who will help you out on a mini-day tour in vineyards of Kakheti. In the category of food, I would Recommend Khinkali, the famous dish of Georgia. It looks like Momo’s that we have in India, but it stuffed with juicy meat inside. That was one of the best food experiences I have had on my Georgia tour package.

There is another city that you can explore in Georgia Tour, which is Batumi. I love Batumi because is unique from the other cities of Georgia. Well, it is the second biggest city in Georgia. It’s on the coast side of the Black Sea. Batumi is nearby, the border of turkey. This city is an architectural masterpiece, and illusionary. I fell in love with this city within 10 seconds.

Apart from this Georgia Nightlife is amazing, as a tourist, you have plenty of options. You can go to the night market in Georgia to have some of the best street food. You can also relax after a day of sightseeing at the sulfur bath, Go to the theatre. I must say Georgia’s Nightlife is unique, but you will surely love it.

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