The Best of Central Asia

Best of Central Asia

It is not easy, to sum up, the beauty of Central Asia in a few words. The thing is that in recent times most people want to explore a new region. I’ve written a lot about my experience in exploring Central Asia and traveling along the Silk Road, and something people always ask me is if I can suggest some good tours from this region. I travelled through Central Asia independently, and I met a lot of travellers on Central Asia group tours. There were so many people from different age groups, from couples to solo travellers.

Kazakhstan – The First String of Central Asia

Kazakhstan is one of the vast regions of central Asia with the northern border that connects to china. This country has a very diverse nature in its climate. This is the reason behind the popularity of the Kazakhstan tour. It has everything from eye-catching landscapes to deep cultured history and authentic culture with most welcoming people. You can take a city tour of two highly famous cities one is Almaty Tour and the second is the Astana City Tour. Almaty gives the vibe of both modern and old city. On the other hand, Astana established as the new capital of Kazakhstan.

Uzbekistan – An Underrated Gem

Uzbekistan as a country has so many hidden gems, first, its capital Tashkent and then other closer cities like Samarkand and Bukhara. Where Tashkent surprises you, with fabulous botanical garden and famous farmer’s bazaar. Also, a museum of fine arts with a history of the 1500-year-old tradition of Uzbekistan. Navoi theatre, for those who love art as dance. And there are many more things to do in Tashkent Tour. It’s like for every mood or activity there is a place in Tashkent. For people who love to see art pieces from ancient times and just looking to enjoy sightseeing with some entertainment then they can rush to one of the famous museums of applied arts in Tashkent. Above are some of the tour highlights of Tashkent.

Kyrgyzstan – The Country of Mountains

The best months to plan your Kyrgyzstan Tour is in (July-August) summers. This time in summer you will find most of the hiking places open for hikers. Here locals provide you tents and other supplies, so you don’t need to carry your own stuff. My experience with local people in Kyrgyzstan was amazing, people were so helpful and engaging.You must indulge yourself in Bishkek tour. This city is the most happening city of the Kyrgyzstan where you can find everything, the first day I began with the panoramic city tour. Because this capital city has the best thing to offer you. From Manas Complex structure to Ala-too Square, this city is a definition of Brutalist architecture at its best. This could be your walking tour of this city. The next day I took a taxi and went to one of the most beautiful places I saw in my life, Ala-Archa National Park. The valley is full of amazing flowers. This national park is just 30 minutes away from the city, don’t miss the chance to have your amazing picture during this Kyrgyzstan Tour.

Azerbaijan – Pure Ray of Fire

One of the famous destination spots in the Azerbaijan Tour is Yanar Dag fire mountain, which is a natural burning mountain, people also called this as sacred mountain of Azerbaijan. Places like Ateshgah Temple, Maiden Tower, Palace of Shirvansha and Flag Square are the top attractions of the Azerbaijan Tours. One of the favourite tourist spots in Azerbaijan is Gobustan where you can see rock art, some engravings and most famous Mud Volcanos of Gobustan. It’s around 40m southwest from the centre of Baku. Locater on the shores of Caspian Sea tourists also enjoys their day trip on the Baku Boulevard. This place is also known as Baku Eye, because of the Ferris wheel. From there you can the whole Baku City Tour.

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